A long while ago now, I found myself sitting at a desk at the top of a high tower block in a grey office (think rapunzel), head in hands saying, in a rather whiney voice, to anyone who’d listen – “this isn’t what my life should be about!”.

Since then I’ve revisited this statement. What did it really mean? In essence I was seeing that particular period of office work as a deceptively long ‘chapter’ or worse still, a ‘theme’ in the story of my life – one so boring that any editor worth their salt would delete it without a thought, any reader would skip on, hoping it would get more interesting before the end. 

This line of thinking has proved extremely useful in stimulating change – particularly for creative people who, like me, rather like the idea of a biography of their life – the ‘This is Your Life’ programme turning up on their doorstep, red book in hand. If you’re letting the years pass by without really addressing your priorities though, this can be quite a terrifying prospect – enough to shock you into action!

The key questions I look at with my clients are ‘what do you want your life to be about?’, ‘what are the key themes?’, ‘what would you edit/cut?’...and then we take it from there. 

In NLP we would probably call this a ‘different perspective’ – you being the author of the story of your life. Is it a good one? 

You only get to live this particular life once – what do you want yours to be about? And more importantly, what are you going to do about it?




26/06/2012 5:16am

We-ell - My life has been just about as varied as a life within theatre can be.
In the sixties I was an actress on BBC, TV, Radio in a soap opera and on stage
In the seventies I was running a music hall and revue company st the Pindar Theatre in Grays Inn Road, all over this country and Europe - particularly Denmark
In the eighties I was writing - for revues and musicals mostly with Robin Hunter and producing on the West Coast of America
The nineties - The Arches Theatre in Southwark. And I did all sorts of stuff. Researched for SBS, worked in a computer company - all leading to Plays and players where I did interviews, reviews and articles..
In the noughties I joined the Open University and took a hons Lit degree. Did some extra modules 'The adventure of English' and Creative writing Worked as a reviewer for Ham and High.Directed a bit. Was in a couple of short films.
In the 20 teens - Time to change!!

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